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The organizing company is engaged in organizing meetings for small and medium enterprises with the aim to expand business connections quickly and efficiently, based on personal recommendations and the principle of “giving and getting”.
Only fair undertakings may join the EBL Business Circle.
No commission is due on the deals mediated among the participants (MLM excluded!) but the amount of recommendations and deals are documented.

Operation basis of the business circle:

Participation in a 3-hour business meeting in an exclusive downtown hotel once a month, costing HUF 2,000 + VAT.
After paying the fee charged for organization (fee in the first six months: HUF 30,000 + VAT), the representative of the undertaking concerned acquires the right to participate in monthly events. Furthermore, the organizing company provides access on the EBL homepage to the sites of those entitled to participate.


parties entitled to participate (“members”)
guests (they may take part in the business meeting on one occasion after paying the fee of HUF 2,000 + VAT for participation)

Entitlement to participate:

Effective for one year from the date of paying the organization fee – said entitlement may be prolonged upon request.

The chief of the circle concerned shall decide on prolongation (and on the original entitlement as well), after reconciliatory talks with the presidency (based on the number of mediated businesses, their value, the number of involved participants and the results of their work). The presidency has a right of vetoing.